Book Ghostwriting
& Marketing Content Writing

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adjective: different in a way you can see, hear, and feel.

Authors . . . you've got the book done, but how market ready are you? I'm talking back cover content, bio, media kit, interview sheet, promo one-sheets, PRs, social media content, digital newsletters, e-blasts, book proposals, queries.

Or what if you've got a nonfiction book or memoir screaming to be let out, but writing isn't your thing?

It all starts here—with your invitation. Then I go to work. The right words strategically placed for your promotional deliverables . . . or ghostwriting project. The artistry lies in creating flow, form, texture, and purpose from your scattered project parts.

After that? The unveiling—letting the world know about your book, blog, service, product.

Backstory: Tenure developing, writing, ghostwriting, editing book projects and marketing content for author-clients and business-clients.

  • concise
  • fluid
  • infused with quality
  • resonating your project vision
  • reflecting creative thought
  • ghostwriting nonfiction books
  • writing/editing author marketing content: back cover blurbs, book summaries/descriptions, author bios, PRs, one-sheets, web content, WordPress content, social media content, digital newsletters, e-blasts, e-books
  • writing/editing author book proposals/queries [for traditional publishing efforts]
  • writing/editing marketing content for entrepreneurs/businesses: product storytelling, web content, brochures, product/services content, PRs, company/customer bios, blog/social media content, e-blasts, etc.